Monday, 5 November 2012

Black Ball of Negative Vs White Ball of Positive Energy

One of the missing keys from books such as the Secret, and Think and Grow Rich, is that we all have accumulated lots of stuck negative energies in our energetic field and that these contribute to the overall vibration that we transmit, and essentially we then attract matching frequencies.

In the Your Wish is Your Command CD series (you can listen free at ) it tlks about how metaphorically speaking, we all have a big black ball of negative energy and a big white ball of positive energy - obviously they arent actual balls of energy -and how when the white ball becomes arger than the black ball, thats when lots of 'miracles' and wonderful manifestatons start flooding through.

So, how do I diminish the size of my black ball of negative energy?

...Well, there are several ways recommended in the audios, and I have tried some, for great results in many cases.

The first method is detoxing, the idea being, that all the toxic rubbish we eat, inhale, and drink over the years accumulates and that flushing out the body through numerous detoxes can effectvely dislodge some of the smushy crap and help clean up our vibration.  Some of the cleanses recommended in the audios are; fat cell cleanse (purif), colon cleanse, candida cleanse, gall bladder cleanse, heavy metal cleanse and more.

Another aspect of the black ball of negative energy is stuck heavy energies created by trauma's or negative thought patterns, especially those created during childhood and then repeated throughout adulthood. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), QEC (Quantum Emtional Clearing) and I-ching Systems (Mary Miller) are 3 very effective methods that I have tried.

More on these topics to come...

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